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Magnetic Window Name Badges

Magnetic Window Name Badges

No matter which type of company you own or work for, name badges are an essential part of employee identification—especially if your company is in the service industry. Name badges help employees remain professional throughout the work day and help potential clients or customers easily recognize who will be able to help them with their questions or needs. Name badges can be as simple as having an employees name written or engraved on it and can also include a company’s logo or other pertinent information.

One of the problems, however, that many employers experience is that some employees may not like the type of name badge you provide them with. Many name badges are affixed to clothing using a pin, and this can cause damage to an employee’s clothing or uniform. The good news is that there is a great solution to the problem of what type of name tag to give your employee. Magnetic window name badges let your employees easily fasten the tag to their clothing without have to put a hole through their shirt or uniform.

Magnetic window name badges come with the same options as regular name tags. You can customize magnetic window ID badges according to your needs and the needs of your employees. These name badges are durable and easy to use. The magnets are strong and can easily be attached to any article of clothing. And with magnetic window nametags, you will not have to worry about damaging clothing or uniforms and they are easy to keep track of.

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